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If your favorite feline quickly grows tired of run-of-the-mill cat toys, then bring home the RIANMZ Cat Toy Bird Wand with 2 Replacement Feathers and watch your kitty stalk, pounce and leap!

The RIANMZ Cat Toy Bird Wand with 2 Replacement Feathers is a simple and effective toy that will provide your cat with hours of fun and exercise.

This teaser cat toy includes a yellow sparkling wand and a flexible wire with a bird toy at the end. All you have to do is swing the wand or pull the bird across the floor, and your cat will come bounding after it. You’ll be amazed at the graceful leaps your cat will take trying to get that bird. More importantly, this bird cat toy is a great way to encourage your cat to exercise in a fun and natural way.

The RIANMZ Cat Toy Bird Wand with 2 Replacement Feathers helps to engage your kitty’s natural instincts to stalk, pounce and play. It will also help keep your cat’s senses sharp. Cat parents can enjoy this teaser cat toy almost as much as their furry friends. It’s fun to watch your cat leap into the air, turn on a dime and triumphantly capture the bird.

Playing together is a wonderful and fulfilling way to spend time with your cat, and this bird cat toy can give you hours to bond with your special feline. Play is extremely important for cats of all ages. Taking out this fun teaser cat toy can give your cat a mentally stimulating and enriching experience, as well as burn off extra energy. When it comes to entertaining your furry feline, this bird cat toy can’t be beat!

Includes 2 bonus feather refills for more fun time.

  • Simple interactive cat toy but Great Entertainment for your cats
  • Watch your cats go crazy when you play with this cat toy wand
  • A cat wand that can provide hours of interaction and exercise for your kitty
  • This wire cat toy will inspire your cats to twisting flights, flips and do all kinds of airborne acrobatics
  • Includes 2 replacement feathers to provide many hours of fun for you and your kittens