Enyeezion Boot Tray - Heavy Duty Shoe Mat Trays, Dog Bowl or Cat Bowl Mats Trap Mud, Water and Pet Food Mess to Protect Floors

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Size:13.75" x 10.85" x 1.25" 4PCS

● Use it indoors, outdoors or anywhere else that makes a mess!
● Whether you’ve got a home full of pets to feed or spend your free time gardening, the multi-purpose boot tray keeps your floor and belongings dirt free.
● Use it to hold your paint and prevent floor spills, or simply use it to keep your belongings clean while out gardening.
● It’s the perfect companion to your everyday active at home lifestyle. You can even use this awesome tray mat in your car or under the sink! Start enjoying the squeaky clean life.

● The drip boot tray prevents dirty water or mud from getting in the way of your driveway, hallway, garage or other room in rainy or snowy weather.

● Wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash it under running water in the bathtub. So easy!

● You can use the shoe trays as mats for flower pots or for pet food bowls.
● we are constantly hearing about other uses. Some of the best ideas we have heard are to use them under:
● Pet food bowls or auto feeders.
● Gerbil, hamster, or bird cages.
● Litter boxes.
● Cleaning supplies in a cabinet.
● Paint supplies on a shelf.
● Firewood rack (not too close to the fireplace!).
● Craft projects or art supplies.
● Coffee station on the counter.
● Potting soil and pots on a potting bench.
● Laundry drying racks.● Shovels and rakes in the garage.

● Material: plastic
● Size: 13.8" x 10.6" x 1" (35 x 27 x 2.5 cm)

● 4x shoe drip trays - small

  • 💧Advantages Of Small Boot Tray Different From Large Tray:There are three types of internal locking devices, which can be combined with the same type of products to become a large tray, and can be folded up at the same time, which can be stacked, save space, and at the same time, the single weight is light, easy to use, which is certainly impossible to achieve with the traditional large tray.
  • 💧PERFECT FOR YOUR PETS & OTHER NEEDS: Our shoe floor tray is made to be as versatile as they are dependable. You can use our shoe pan as a large dog food mat, paint tray, mud mat for shoes, snow floor mat, litter box tray, dog rubber mat, winter doormat, and so much more. Take refuge in the fact that our boot mats will perfectly fulfill whatever purpose you have for them.
  • 💧MULTI-USE TRAY: YEAR ROUND USE in a mud room, garage or foyer; perfect for collecting dirt, mud, grass, snow and rain from boots and shoes during wet or muddy conditions, after gardening or hiking; Waterproof protection for dog food bowls, litter boxes, cages, fish bowls & more.
  • 💧RAISED EDGE: Each boot tray features a raised edge, which helps contain any mess from every day dirt, rain drops, cat litter boxes, potted plants and more. The surface of the mat allows shoe soles to dry faster.
  • 💧PROTECT YOUR FLOOR FROM SURFACE SPILLS: Our indoor and outdoor tray is designed to cover a large surface area. Each rubber boot tray can cover a 13.7" x 10.6" surface. The rubber matis also elevated at 1.2 inches to ensure they stay in place no matter the circumstance and under any weather condition. Feel free to use our high quality wet mat in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or yard.