DELOMO Pet Grooming & Deshedding Tool Kit, Dog Deshedding Brush, Safe Nail Clippers for Dogs, Effective Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer for Dog & Cat with Long & Short Fur

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  • New Deign Pet Grooming Kit: DELOMO new design pet grooming & deshedding tool set. Contains a deshedding brush, a pet nail clipper and a nail file to meet all your needs to keep your pets looking the best, happy & healthy. It’s a premium multipurpose set you can’t miss out!
  • 2 in 1 Pet Grooming Bush: Features unique 2 sided comb design to accommodate different pets brush for shedding. Suitable for use on all hair types-Curly, Wiry, Thick, Short, Medium & Long. It’s not only a hair remover brush but also a dematting comb.
  • Effective & Comfortable Pet Hair Remover Brush: Two sides of evenly spaced teeth in optimal length effectively remove mats, tangles, dead loose hair and dust. Round ended teeth ensure safe and comfortable grooming without scratching pet’s skin. Ergonomic design and non-slip handle offers maximum comfortable control.
  • Pet Nail Clipper & File Set: DELOMO dog quick finder nail clippers and file set is a perfect helper for you to cut your pet’s nails. Fitted with sharp, thick stainless steel blades to cut nails quickly, cleanly and safely.Use the nail file to polish off any jagged edges for pretty smooth tips.
  • Upgraded Safe Pet Nail Trimmer: Upgraded dog/cat nail clippers for grooming at home. Equipped with a safety guard to prevent painful over-cutting and safety lock mechanism to ensure safe storage. No worries about accidental cuts or damage to the blades.