Chameleon CHA021 Unisex Cat Shoes M - 115 mm

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Breathable sole: Your feet sweat 2.5 times more than adults. The holes in the sole, release heat and moisture from the foot for comfort and hygiene of the child. Non-slip sole: Perfect for wet or sliding floors. A technology of small suction cups, adhere to the pavement, avoiding possible slips or falls. Scientific design: The last fits for optimal comfort. Scientifically proven that helps the crawling process and learning to walk. Loose toe - The fingers have total mobility, important for cognitive and motor development of the baby. Moving fingers, stimulates cartilages, which are forming in bones with growth. The sole changes color! This new technology makes it change color with sunlight. It motivates the child to move from the sun to the shade and motivates his curiosity. Non-toxic materials: Special materials for sensitive and atopic skin. The material of the sole is TPE, which is used in the nipples of bottles, pacifiers and teemers. No glue, no glue.

  • Breathable and non-slip sole
  • The sill adjusts for optimal comfort.
  • Loose toe The fingers have total mobility.
  • The sole changes color!
  • Materials is for sensitive and atopic skin.