Anti Scratching Tapes, 10pcs Furniture Protectors For Cats, 0.1mm Cat Couch Protector, Clear Double Sided Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape for Furniture, Couch, Sofa, Chair and Leather, Cat Training Tape

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Item: Anti Scratching Tapes

Material: Vinyl Sheet

Package Including:10 PCS Double-Sided Self-adhesive Vinyl Sheet

Size: 14L"*11"W (355mm*280mm)

What product is it? After a long period of testing, we found that cats and other pets do not like sticky surfaces. Therefore, the cat scratch guard is our great behavior trainer and restraint measure for cat friends.

How to love your cats and also protect your furniture? Do you remember the frustration when your pet destroyed your expensive furniture? We are sure that you love your furry friends. When we brought it back to the cozy home of love, we did not expect it to break our precious furniture. Of course, such kind of scene is not what we wanted, but it happens every day. We love pets, but we also cherish everything in our house.

We apply these specially designed Anti Scratch Tapes to any furniture surface (sofa, bed, curtains, table legs, stairs, couch, etc.) and see how your cat stops scratching those areas. After your cat learns to not scratch and you don't want it anymore, you can simply remove the cat scratch guards for furniture.

This cat scratch couch guards safe to use on any surface, the sticky tape is safe for both soft fabrics (like fabric sofas and armchairs) and hard surfaces( like tables, stools, doors, or counter tops). We recommend to test with a short strip of the tape on a small, obscure corner of your furniture to see how you pet reacts to it.

The cat anti scratch tape is mostly effective on cats, but can also stop small dogs from ruining furniture.

Pro Tip: Put the cat training sticky tape where your cat scratches often and place a scratching post near the taped surface. The cat will stop scratching the taped area and scratch the scratching post instead!

Reminder: If furniture is chipped, linting or fading, circumspectly used

  • [ULTRA-THIN INVISIBLE]: The couch covers for cats thickness is only 0.1mm, adhered to the surface of the furniture, fully integrated into the interior decoration style.This cat scratch protector will not affect the beauty of the sofa or other furniture, and the toughness of the tape is relatively strong, the cat claws crossed,this cat scratch furniture protector will not be teared
  • [DOUBLE-SIDED TAPES]: Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape is 2 Different Viscosities Transparent Double-Sided Tapes– Unlike other anti-scratch tape. A-side(YELLOW SIDE) strong stickiness is suitable for fabric furniture and cotton-linen sofa; B-side(WHITE SIDE) stickiness is weak for leather and wood furniture, No gule left on the surface of the furniture when you move it out .This couch corner protectors from cats suitable for furniture of different materials, more to meet your needs.
  • [LARGE AREA COVERAGE]: 10 pack (11inch * 14inch), this cat scratch furniture protector pasted in any corner of the sofa,;This cat scratch deterrent tape can also be cut into any shape and size to meet the use of all furniture. It’s the easiest way to save fabric sofas, couches, leather furniture, tables, counters, doorways, screen porches and more!
  • [ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY NON-TOXIC]: Anti-cat scratch tape is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic material. Even if the cat's tongue licks the tape, there is no harm and it can be used safely.flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture to stop cat claws from shredding couch protect your furniture from cats
  • [TRAINING CATS]: The anti scratch tape sticks to the surface of the furniture. When the cats repeatedly grasps, they hate the sticky feeling. The cat is a smart animal, It will not scratch the sofa in the future, so as to protect the sofa and other furniture.