AINOLWAY Silicone Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes Boots Rubber Precaution Scratch Gloves Cat Paw Protector Nail Cover Pet Grooming Scratching Booties for Home Bathing Checking Treatment Shaving

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Silicone Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes Boots, Adjustable Cat Paw Protector, Cat booties, Anti-scratching, Nail Cover, Adjustable

Perfect for Cat Grooming, Bathing, Shaving, Nail Trimming, Taking medicine, Teeth and ears cleaning,Taking eye drops, Checking, Injection, Treatment in Pet Hospital and other occasions


  1. The clasp elastic band is easy to take on and take off.
  2. The design of the leakage hole at the bottom can prevent the accumulated water and keep clean.
  3. The open mouth design can apply for the cats with different sizes.
  4. The silicone is soft and skin-friendly, non-toxic and odorless, so the cat can easily accept it. It is suitable for the cat when bathing, medical treatment, grooming and so on to prevent you from being scratched by cats.


  1.  Most cats may hate being tied, so you should treat it more patiently and don't let it feel scared at the beginning.
  2. Almost every cat can be trained to wear the cat shoes by a lot of delicacies.
  3. Due to kitten's feet are small, even if fix it tightly, it will fall off. We recommend it can be used for cats older than 4 months.

Package Include: 4 * cat shoes

  • 【Soft Silicone Material 】The protective cat boots are made of environmentally friendly food-grade silicone, which is soft and can't hurt cat's claws. The cat booties are skin-friendly and non-allergic and easy for cats to accept.
  • 【Adjustable Magic Stickers】 Kittens and most cats can use the cat shoes because you can easily adjust the appropriate size of magic stickers for kittens and most cats.
  • 【Use Occasions】 The protective boots are suitable for pet hospitals, pet shops, cat houses, household baths. Anti-scratching Bootscould prevent the cat from scratching with claws. Cat boots wrap the cat's claws and are the necessity for cutting nails, cat bathing, shaving, grooming, treatment, injection, prescription, protection before administration.
  • 【Leakage Hole Design】 The hole at the bottom of the cat shoes can let the water freely in and out, prevent cat's claws from soaking in the accumulated water and can keep clean when bathing.
  • 【Warm Tips】The protective boots are suitable for cats older than 4 months. When wearing cat shoes, cat snacks can be rewarded to distract the cat ’s attention and make it easier to put on.