Cat Toys

Cat Toys For Mental Stimulation

The different types of cat toys available on the market today cater to a wide variety of feline interests. There are a number of different cat toys that are designed to provide your cat with the stimulation he craves, whether it be for physical or mental stimulation. Kittens learn to play by biting and nipping at their toys in order to gain the attention they so desire. Once they have learned this skill, your pet can take the toy everywhere it leads him because he associates the toy with his own interest.

Cat Toys


For those who want to provide their feline with stimulating physical activity, there are some cat toys that resemble hunting activities. Reviewers say that these toys help to develop the feline's hunting instinct. When the cat uses his nose to track the object that he is pursuing, he will receive satisfaction from the vigorous movements of his tail. This type of activity is natural for cats, and when they engage in such a pursuit, they become excited as well.


Another type of kitty toy that is available is an exercise one for use during playtime. Like the other cat toys reviewed by cat experts, these are designed to provide some type of stimulation for cats that are seeking recreation. Some reviewers say that these are quite entertaining for cats and allow them to have some fun time outdoors during long walks or play sessions. These do not actually provide an exercise benefit for the kitty, but instead are used to help calm the animal during playtime.


One type of cat toys that is sometimes sold along with cat toys for small spaces, like those designed for kitty cribs or kitty scratching posts, are the indoor/outdoor cat toys. These interactive pieces of equipment allow cats to interact with their owners and other animals inside the house, while playing and exercising at the same time. These devices simulate the sounds and movements of actual outdoor activities, including running, jumping, hunting, and playing fetch. Many of the indoor/outdoor cat toys review online note that they can be used for other purposes besides indoor fun, including for entertainment or physical exercise. Most of these devices also feature a vibrating feature that provides the cat with a low-frequency stimulation.


Many reviewers also note that many of these toys feature multiple features and accessories. For example, there are playtime bells that can activate different features, like the sound of the cat's meow, or his ability to shake a leg or paw and a toy chest that opens up to display his toys. Some feature additional items like a tail brush that helps eliminate tangled hair from scratching. There are also several different attachments for the toy, such as a tennis ball launcher, a rain tree, a bird feeder, and a plastic tunnel. Many cat toys are designed to be played with multiple times before they need to be cleaned.


A few reviews note that there is a cat toy for just about every purpose. For example, one reviewer notes that it is great for training and teaching the cat to walk on a leash. Cat toys can also help prevent your cat from chewing household items and creating destructive behavior such as scratching furniture and climbing curtains. A training kit will include the necessary materials for training and a treat container that the cat will love. These cat toys can help you get over the hurdle of house training.


Of course, one of the main reasons why people buy cat toys is because of their cats' mental stimulation. Cat toys provide the perfect opportunity for your cat to explore what he or she enjoys doing best, whether that is exploring their surroundings or rolling around in their favorite toys. Some reviewers note that active cats seem to find these activities more enjoyable than their sedentary counterparts. Cat toys are often the solution to providing the physical stimulation your feline might need for mental stimulation.


If you are looking for the best cat toys, you should consider purchasing one of the feather toy options that are available. Feathers offer a soft, gentle way to give your cat stimulation, while offering him or her the pleasure of seeing his or her feathers. The pet products industry is making improvements all the time, and the feather toys are no exception. By choosing a feather toy, you are ensuring that you will be getting a toy that gives your kitty the mental stimulation it needs to remain happy. Whether you choose a wooden scratching post or an aluminum one, you can be sure that there is a toy that will suit your kitty's needs.