Cat Bracelet

Types Of Cat Bracelets

Cat Bracelet

From simple to complicated, Cat Bracelets has evolved to serve a variety of purposes. Today, these fashionable accessories are worn by women all over the world and can be purchased from local stores as well as on the internet. While there are several advantages associated with such jewelry items, there are also some disadvantages. This piece of art comprises different types of materials which include gemstones, silver, glass, wood, leather and even stones. Some of the popular types of bracelets that are available in the market today include:


Gold bracelets. Gold bracelets come in two categories: white gold and yellow gold. These are the two most used and popular types of bracelets in the market. White gold is generally considered better than its yellow counterpart because it is brighter in color and therefore more attractive. The durability of this metal is also a major benefit of these bracelets. In addition, it has become increasingly popular with modern women who prefer bracelets with flat or large bands, which are generally preferred by most women.


Silver bracelets. Silver is usually made using the silver alloy. This type of jewelry item is made up of small beads which are then joined together using wires. Unlike gold and yellow, silver is stronger than these two metals and thus they are preferred as materials for making bracelets. However, the price of this metal is relatively higher than other types.


Glass bracelets. These items are generally handmade using glass rods. They have the same look and charm of traditional jewelry items yet they are far more affordable. You can find glass bracelets made from different colored glass rods which include red, blue, yellow and black.


Wooden bracelets. Cat bracelets can also be made of wood. A wide variety of choices are available in this regard. These products are ideal for women of all ages. While wooden bracelets are often painted to make them more attractive, you can also find them without paints. This type of jewelry is also very long lasting.


Gold bracelets. A good number of people favor this type of jewelry because of its classic look. The yellow metal is an attractive addition to the golden-brown color of the cat's fur. However, this type of bracelet is costly and it can be difficult to purchase.


Leather bracelets. Cat bracelets, which are made of leather are a great choice. This type of jewelry is quite durable and attractive. This is another type which is quite expensive.


There are many more options available in the category of cat jewelry. They are made from a variety of materials. Traditionally, they have been worn by cats to keep their claws protected from their favorite toys. Today, they are worn by both humans and animals. Even if it is worn by a cat, it will still look great on your cat. It is also very easy to make your own bracelet for your favorite feline.


Cat's ears are a beautiful part of your cat's look. You can cover them with a stylish clip or you can also leave them natural. To protect your cat's hair, you may use clips made from velvet or leather.


There are also bracelets, which are designed to look like gold or silver chains. They have an option of having charms or gems attached to them. The charm of the charms may match the color of your cat's fur.


There are also some special cat bracelets, which are made to look like wallets. You can put a number of cat toys inside the bracelet. Each day, your cat would wear the bracelet and as she puts it on, the toys would disappear. This way, you will be able to discover which toy was taken by your kitty the previous day.


When you go shopping for these unique types of accessories, it is important that you consider your cat's personality. Take her out to find out which type of cat bracelets she likes best. If you do not want to spend too much, there are gold varieties that come at a very affordable price.