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Why do cats scratch?

Posted by Liran Yaish on

One common feature of all cats is that they scratch and sharpen their nails. But have you ever wondered why they do it?

One common feature of all cats is that they scratch and sharpen their nails. But have you ever wondered why they do it?

This usually happens on the couch, on the furniture in the house or on the trees in the garden. And the damage? Sharp and deep marks that remain as a souvenir forever (one of the biggest conflicts between a man and a cat!). But have you ever wondered why they do it?

The nails are very important to the cat because they fulfill a number of essential needs, so it is not surprising that our juices spend hours scratching and honing their fingernails. After all, nail care is part of his genetic makeup.

How do the marigolds develop? The cats' fingernails have a retrieval mechanism and when they are not used they are hidden in their feet. The marigolds are constantly growing layer upon layer, and the front nails are usually sharper and more sharp than the back nails because it is easier for them to handle them.

But let's go back to the question, why do cats scratch?

1) to be stronger. As we have said, the nails of our furry friends grow in layers and only by scraping on various objects can the cat remove the old outer layer of the nail to grow new layers. Scratching also helps to sharpen and sharpen the nail.

2) to mark territory. Scratching and sharpening of the nails cause irritation of the olfactory glands located in the area of ​​the cat's feet and secrete a unique odor. So scratching actually allows the cat to mark his territory and feel safer and more relaxed by demonstrating superiority over other animals in the area.

3) to scramble, protect themselves and hold on to things. Cats hunt, play and attack with their forepaws, as they do when they jump from branch to branch like monkeys. Therefore pointed and sharpened nails are a must.

4) To relax. When the cat scratches its nails, it usually scratches the entire body and relieves stress and relaxes.

For all these reasons, a cat living in the house needs a scraping post on which it can unload the need to scratch without destroying our furniture!
If you need a practical scratching stick that you can move from place to place and even take you out of the house, you should check out these cute scratching and playing facilities equipped with a scratching surface and most of them also have playing balls.


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