Quality cat time during the holidays

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We've compiled some tips on how to take advantage of the holidays and spend quality time with your cat.

Holiday holidays are a great time to develop your relationship and improve your relationship, with your cat.
Cats have a very clear language when they talk to each other, but when they try to talk to us in their own language, there is
Sometimes communication problems and lack of understanding. So take advantage of the holiday holiday, when we all have a little more free time at home with
Cats, for quality time with your cats. And if you have kids, freedom is the time to combine them, to work on
Relationship and love between them from an early age.
To our delight there is a wide range of common games that the cat needs and loves. Just need to find the games
That your cat prefers more and start to enjoy together. Just before the games, let's look at the cat for a moment and see if
He wants to interact at the moment.
So when a cat wants to say hello to another cat, it will first smell it, and if it feels safe in its vicinity, it can be
That they would come close to nose, or submit their heads to rub against the body of the other cat. If the cat approaches you, submit the
Your hand is open and low and let him decide whether to come closer and rub you. If the cat smells the hand and walks away
This is a sign that he is not interested in contact right now.
If your child approaches the cat, teach him to walk slowly. If he runs to the cat, the cat may feel persecuted
After him he will run to hide or he may scratch to protect himself.
You probably know the body language of your favorite cat already, so you should always look at the cat's signs
Shows you, so you can be sure that he is calm and relaxed and interested in the interaction you have offered him.
There are some basic and important signs you can see:
Ears - If your cat's ears are flat and pulled back, he feels threatened
Tail - If the tail of the cat wags, you should not try to stroke it at this stage because it feels uncomfortable and maybe
Even angry
Breathing - If you hear it exhale or growl, this is not the time to play with it or caress it.
The cat will decide whether to approach or play with you. If he is not interested, you should leave him alone and try later.
From the point of view of the cat to building a good and safe relationship with you, it all begins with the sense of security that he has
At home and you.

So here are some excellent ways to strengthen the bond and love between you even more:
Keep it right
After you put your hand down and let it smell, if the cat stayed or even rubbed your head in your hand, it was
It is an excellent sign that he is ready for closeness and touch. Pat it gently.

Cats generally prefer not to be caressed in the stomach. And some cats are more sensitive to the touch and prefer a little caressing
So remember that so you will not be scratched while petting. The favorite areas for cats to caress are
Head and back, are areas where the cat feels more rested and safer.
If you have more than one cat, take into account that everyone can have a preference for another area, so try and caress the place
Preferred. The deeper your acquaintance with you, and the better you will improve your trust and your communication.

Cats love to hunt
If the cat is happy to cooperate with us and shows signs of relaxation, such as tail up, play with him and run him home
With a high quality fishing game, give him tasty snacks. Now, on holidays, there's more free time to play with
And enjoy together a few times a day. Thus the cat will feel that it is chasing prey and side. This is a great way for you to cheer up
Cat and strengthen the bond and love between you even more.
Cats love to play games that involve running, chasing and hunting. Choose a game that your cat likes and starts
Play with him to unload a lot of energy by running around the house, climbing to high places like table, dresser,
Cat climbing facilities, etc. From time to time you can give him while playing, a small piece of a snack he really likes,
That way he'll have more fun playing with you and being close to you.
It is important to allow the cat to reach and touch the game from time to time so that he will not be frustrated. Flip the game time into time
Shared fun and pleasant.
If you are playing with the cat in the fishing game, it is important that you play it right and run it at home in an attempt to catch the rod and not
Flap with the rod in front of the cat's face because it only bothers him. If you are playing a laser game, be careful not to
Point the point to the cat's face, but aim at the walls and floor and see how your cat enjoys a good chase
And snacks during the game.
Teach the cat lovingly
Your cat lives in an unnatural home environment for him. In addition, always remember that he does not speak Hebrew and we want to
To teach him with love and calm how it is to live in an apartment together with us.
You can teach cats a lot of things and they will be happy to cooperate and learn, provided it's fun and they enjoy the time
Work with him respectfully and strengthen him with tasty food, to show him what you want from him. So if you are
You want your cat to nail your new shingles on your new shinning device
Him in whatever orders he approaches or shouts at. The more consistent you are in the pleasant work, the more the cat will rely
You should enjoy yourself.
Do not use force and punishment because they can significantly harm your cat's relationship and may actually cause
The cat will be afraid of you, or aggravate an existing behavior problem. If your cat is biting, for example, know that if you punish him or him
Yell at him, the aggression will only get worse because he will feel more threatened.

A pleasant vacation and a happy holiday for you and the cats



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