Hairballs in cats

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Cats are usually very clean. This is mainly due to the fact that they are constantly bathering. Cats spend many hours licking their fur in order to remove dirt and dead hair.

The cat's tongue is rough enough to allow effective cleaning of the fur. The fur that is swallowed up during this cultivation activity usually passes through the digestive tract and is emitted in the stool. However, there are cases where the fur accumulates into a lump. This fur block is called a "hairball" or in the scientific language "trichobazoir". In some cases, the cat manages to pass the fur ball down the digestive system and get rid of it through the stool and in other cases the cat vomits it. However, there are cases where the fur ball is stuck and causes a blockage in the same place. It can be in the esophagus, stomach, small intestine or colon. This is a very dangerous situation that endangers the cat's life and requires treatment.

Signs of bowel obstruction for a fur ball include coughing, vomiting, loss of weight, loss of appetite and restlessness. In later stages, apathy. The final diagnosis was done at the veterinary clinic by physical examination and X-rays.

It is important to note that many diseases can cause vomiting. Some people see fur as vomit and assume that it was the source of the vomiting and that everything is fine, but it must be taken into account that even vomiting for other reasons can sometimes be seen as fur.

Treatment of fur balls varies from case to case. At first, they try to help the cat get rid of it by providing substances such as paraffin oil. The goal is to "lubricate" the digestive system to facilitate the movement of the fur ball on its journey towards the anus. In severe cases, the cat is forced to operate and remove the fur ball through the abdomen.

It is more common in long-fur cats. To help prevent fur balls, it is important to comb the cat frequently in order to reduce as much fur as possible and save it from the cat. In addition, there are special foods that contain a dietary fiber system that absorbs the hair in the digestive tract and reduces the chance of the fur ball. These foods, in general, also contain essential fatty acids in a dose that ensures a slow drop in hair loss, a feature that contributes to reducing fur balls.


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