9 reasons why your cat not eating

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Is your cat very picky with food? You may have already tried so many kinds of food and in return your cat looked at the plate, shifted his gaze and moved away ... every time anew ...
It is also possible that your cat has eaten a certain food for a few days with great joy, but suddenly and absolutely no longer wants to eat it. Many cats refuse to eat the food they put on their plates no matter what type of food you offer the cat, whether it is dry food, wet food, or fresh food prepared especially at home.
What are the reasons why your cat may be very picky or refuse to eat?

Reason 1: Maybe he is not healthy?
Any change in your cat's appetite may be the result of a health problem. The first step to take is to approach a veterinarian for a medical examination. There can be many health reasons, such as a rotten tooth or gingivitis that causes the cat to ache every time he tries to chew. Respiratory infections, fever, or other problems will also cause the cat to stay away from food.
Cats are the champions in the concealment of pain and weakness and it will be very difficult to overcome a problem, but only when he can no longer tolerate the pain.
Do not assume in any case that the cat is spoiled and do not say that he will eat if he is hungry. A cat who does not eat for two or three days may develop a "fatty liver," a very serious problem that endangers his life.

so what are we doing? Go to the vet and make sure that the change in appetite is not the result of a health problem!

Reason 2: Sudden change in diet
Cats do not like sudden changes in diet. A sudden switch to another food can cause the cat to get diarrhea or get away from the food dish because of a reluctance to smell or unfamiliar texture.

so what are we doing? The transition to new food should be done gradually, so that the cat will become friends with taste and texture and its digestive system will get used to the new ingredients!

Reason 3: Lack of exposure to different tastes and textures
Many cats who have eaten the exact same food all their lives can develop a problem when suddenly trying to replace them with food that is more suited to their health or age.

so what are we doing? Diversify the cat's food by using another flavor or another texture of the same food!

Reason 4: Fear and mental stress
If another cat in the house catches the cat, it may decide that it is too dangerous to approach the dining area and may remain hungry until a solution is found. Even if the cat feels stress regularly, this may have an effect on eating.
The dining area is supposed to be completely linked to relaxation and security. In houses with more than one cat, it is very important to arrange several plates of food in different places on the floor, or to place a plate in a relatively high place, farther than other pets in the house and small children. This gives some cats a sense of security. At the same time, it is very important to build a good relationship between the cats at home so that everyone will live comfortably and happily.

so what are we doing? A cat in stress is an unhappy cat, so find out the reason for the strain he is in and take care of. You can be assisted by a Cat Behavior Counselor!

Reason 5: The bowl of food is close to the water bowl
This may sound like an exaggerated indulgence, but do not forget that you are raising hunting at home. Just as nature does not wait for a bowl of water after the prey, so it is at home: cats do not like the plate of food and water close together. Better to keep them away from each other. In order to always make sure the water is fresh and clean, it is recommended to place one bowl of water in the kitchen. In addition, you should put at least one more bowl of water at home or even a cat fountain that encourages most cats to drink more.

so what are we doing? Remove the bowl from the water bowl and add a fountain to encourage the cat to drink and to feel that the predator is being respected!

Reason 6: The food bowl is close to the box of needs
As we do not usually eat in the bathroom, so does the cat not like to eat close to the toilet.
When the cat smells the box of needs (remember that cats smell much better than we do), they will prefer to stay away from food, or stay away from the toilet. Avoiding the toilet will cause home-wide needs. In both cases the result is not desirable, so it is important to ensure that the cat's food and water will be very far from the needs pool.

so what are we doing? Keep the bowl of food (and the bowl of water) as far away as possible from the trunk!

Reason 7: The food is too cold or not fresh
Cats do not like food that comes out of the fridge at too low a temperature, because from a cat's point of view it means it's not very fresh. In addition, cold food smells less odor and is therefore less tempting. A cat prefers to eat food at the body temperature of the prey, so remember that when you give the cat wet or fresh food that you prepared especially. In any case, take care of the freshness, because fresh or wet food spoils very quickly, so do not leave it on the plate.

so what are we doing? Fresh food and body temperature of the prey - this is the ideal food for the cat!

Reason 8: The food is not suitable for your cat
In many homes, the cat is given food that is not suitable for him in terms of nutritional components or lacks elements that are very essential for his health. If you choose to give fresh food, it is important to study the subject and understand how to put together a balanced menu that is suitable for the age and health of the cat.

so what are we doing? Match the food to its age, health, and cat's taste!

Reason 9: The cat lacks the hunting challenge
It is true that it is very easy to put food on the plate, but for cat food should be a challenge - as in nature. To simulate the hunting challenge, employ the cat, dissipate its boredom from prepared food waiting in the bowl and require more effort, there are cat feeding toys on the market. In addition to providing an excellent response to the hunting needs of the cat and dealing with "prey," a feeding toy is very helpful in homes where there is more than one cat and the relationship between the cats is not so good. The feeding toy distracts them and gives them a proper occupation.

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